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The reborn doll is a doll that has been made by the artist and turned into a real human baby. The time-consuming process of making these details reborn baby dolls is called reborning. Reborn baby dolls are made from vinyl dolls that have been made, which are chosen for their existing lifelike features, body features and expressions, body softness and shape, and a smooth feel, unlike other plastic shop dolls. Some of the features that look very realistic are like the nostrils, the openings in the ears, and even the right fake eyes into the eye sockets. Hair can also be worn as a wig or one by one on the scalp of a baby doll to achieve a realistic look  just like the characteristics of the hair on a real newborn baby.

The dolls are stuffed and checked for weight to accurately replicate the weight distribution of real babies, while others are also equipped with electronic functions, such as voice boxes, which make them feel warm, just like real babies and support body movements, heartbeats Even other mechanisms of breathing

When the doll is completely finished, your mood will be very happy when you receive this doll. Our goal is to realize their sweet dreams for more people.

7 Reasons Why Every Child Needs A Reborn Doll

7 Reasons Why Every Child Needs A Reborn Doll

Many of us in the reborn and reborn-like doll community know that our dolls can bring joy and value to the lonely elderly, people who have lost a child or those suffering from dementia. What people may not know is many of our dolls are also beneficial for children. Here are the top 5 reasons every child (yes dolls are for boys too!) should have a doll growing up. 

1) They are just fun! Pretend play, especially with dolls, enriches children's lives and is a bright spot in their day!

2) Dolls can be educational for children. When kids play with dolls, they learn caring and nurturing skills. 

3) Whether children are putting their doll in a cradle, dressing them up in a new outfit or pushing them in a stroller, playing with a doll can help develop kids gross motor skills. 

4) Does your child have a sibling on the way? Having a doll can help them learn how to change a baby diaper or how to sooth a crying baby. 

5) It's a bonding opportunity. Whether it's their grandmother, aunt or anyone else in their life who likes dolls, if a child also plays with a doll, it's something two people can bond over!

6)Let someone who is totally dependent on others take care of others.

7)Distract attention from dangerous, harmful or disturbing events


Do you have a little one in your life who loves playing with theirful, or disturbing eventsdoll? Let us know below in the comments! 

The Cutest Smile Reborn Baby Girl Doll

The Cutest Smile Reborn Baby Girl Doll

People, especially the old and children, they need company and care, because their families are so busy with their work that they can't spend enough time with them.To solve this problem, you can totally buy a lifelike baby girl doll with a sweet and lovely smile.Silicone baby girls can not only accompany them to feel the care of their families, but also make them happy, because the doll smiles so sweet.If you don't know where to buy a smiling baby girl doll, you can choose one of the cutest silicone baby girls below.